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Well it has been a while since I posted to this blog…. To get things up to speed, FastCat Studio, LLC is not longer located in NJ, it is now in the mountains of western NC, however we are still taking pictures for small businesses, families, pets as well as expanding our fine art photography. We are also still doing product photography, if you are not in the western NC area, send an email for info on how to send items to us to be photographed, we’ll send them back to you in a timely fashion along with the cd of the image files.

I am going to really make an effort to be a bit more consistant posting here….. might just be a photograph, maybe giving advice, could be talking about random things, who knows?

Until next time ….



just a little color for today …..

I took this image when I was on location for a family portrait session. Such a lovely space!

mellow cat ….

taken when I was driving on Rt26 in NC yesterday morning:

liliy …

just a bee ….

Its been an odd month so far. We’ve been working on home improvements and getting rid of some of the stuff we’re collected over the years… ya never realize how much stuff ya have until you start going thru it … there were some things that we hadn’t touched in years, most of that is getting donated or tossed, depending on condition.

Here is one of the projects; the kitchen which is still being repainted but the new counter is on.


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